Wtf is this guy trying to be ?

6 09 2010

I swear to god , why do the only kuwaiti guys who try to be on youtube Are GAY ?! -.- see for yourself


PsJailbreak , Ain’t firmware upgradeable

30 08 2010

Sources say :

“We have taken a closer look at this PSJailbreak dongle. We can confirm that the PSJailbreak is not a clone of Sony’s “Jig” module. PSJailbreak is a self-developed exploit. The chip is not a PIC18F444 but a ATMega is used with a software USB interface. This means the chip is internally capable of emulating any USB device. PSJailbreak emulates a 6 Port USB hub on which different devices will later be connected and then disconnected. One of these devices has the product:vendor ID of Sony’s “Jig” module, which means this had played a certain role during the development of PSJailbreak role.”

“But lets start from beginning: When the PS3 is powered on … A USB emulation device will be connected, which has a too large of a Configuration Descriptor. This Descriptor overrides the stack with a PowerPC shellcode that gets executed. Now, various USB devices are connected to the emulation USB hub. One device has a large Descriptor with a size of 0xAD, which is part of the exploit and contains static data. A short time later (we are talking milliseconds here) the jig module is connected, and encrypted data is transmitted to the jig module. A few milliseconds later, the Jig module answers with 64 byte static data, all USB devices are then disconnected, and a new USB device is connected and the PS3 launches with ‘a new feature’.”

“PSJailbreak is NOT software update-able. The Update feature which is mentioned, can be done just with hardware modifications. So by ‘update’ they mean ‘buy more of our stuff’.”

Dsi Mode Hombrew anyone ?

27 08 2010

a Hackers successfully hacked the Nintendo DSi , an fully enabled DSi mode Homebrew . Meaning homebrew Using the entire Dsi Power, It’s Called Dsi-Link . But it seems it doesnt fully works on new Dsi’s and DSi-XL the wifi chip won’t work because thats how you’ll transfer DSi homebrew, it seems Nintendo saw it coming.

Source :

In the mood for Dreamcast !

23 08 2010

Yeah major mood for some Dreamcast fun !

i wonder what i will play this time … Well its either Quake III or JetSet Radio

Invited to a VIP Beta test of Hello! messenger For Blackberry

17 06 2010

Woop , finally got a link for this heres their message

According to them im one of the 100 in their beta . I feel soo lucky

iPhone 4 , Revealed

8 06 2010

Well iPhone 4 Got Revelead  , Won’t Replace my 3gs now though  maybe  Next year or when it completely Brakes

Been Re:invited to NFS : Speed World Beta test again

4 06 2010

I’ve been Reinvited but SHIT i had this email since tuesday telling me that the beta Kicks Off  Wednesday , better start downloading DAMMIT

Update: Thank god it ends June 13TH