Hello school :D

27 09 2010

Well school started since yesterday … horrible news to any Student , so far So good !


Im Back !

22 09 2010

Yo guys , sorry for not posting for a while , been really busy this past week .

Im gonna post more…. Post since im here now .


Trip To Rehab !

24 08 2010

Today i went to Kuwait’s lovely ( sarcasm ) Rehab Complex , its basicly a Complex thats sells Lighting ware in the Ground floor , and Video games in the 1st floor & the basement.

i Chatted with an old Friends , Their 3 guys in their 20’s who own a shop in the basement . Today For the firstime ever They we’re all in the same shop , Talked about Videogames , Them Making fun of me for Switching from Xbox 360 To Playstation3 , i Replied : My elite Got Fucked up for no reason , No HD output , tried everything , Component , VGA , HDMI. EVERYTHING ! it just won’t work ,  the youngest one said : why dont you Get it fixed here ? you know We’ll fix ya up for a cheap price ! i Replied : No need sold it for Parts for a decent Price , everything i want to keep on xbox is IN a Drawer in my room.

The Oldest one said : You know the Slim got released right !?  I said : yeah i know planning on buying it, it’s cheap too ! 80+KD .  I asked them if they had Mid night Club a used one for a friend of mine . They did an sold it to me for a Cheap price , im a customer  Well knowned . even if i want to sell some of my stuff they would buy it For an Expansive Rate .

Went to another shop Asked him if he Had M.A.G on Ps3  , He said : i do for 8kd an its Region 2 .  i Told him i wanted Region 1 , He said  : yeah for 10 kd , i haggled him an he sold it to me for 8 kd . yeah tried to push him to 6 but he won’t Agree he knows hes the only one who has Region 1.

What i’m doing this month

22 08 2010

This month , Ramadan . i wake up everyday at 3pm , bit of TV till 5pm .  after that ,i enjoy Playing this : Yakuza 3i play Yakuza 3 Till 6pm .

after that , just wash up  .

At 6:20pm , i go out to the table for Fatoor , spend some time with the family , chat an catch up a little bit till 9pm . Then have Maitain my Gaming Pc , it needs care and daily dust cleanning ( thats what you get for living in Kuwait).

Cleaning it doesn’t take long , just about an hour , after that , watch some movies i have , Or play GTA IV online . Go to The Dewanya , Play some cards an do Almost Everything . 2.am im back home , Play Ps3 for few hours , Maintain my Desktop For its daily need . An Also don’t forget my backup FTP computer a Mac mini G4 1.25ghz.

Side note : Gonna be more active lately