www.limera1n.com is LIVE and READY to download

10 10 2010

http://www.limera1n.com is live , ready to download , its a RC 1 beta 4 , meaning realese candidate , i installed it on my iphone 3gs 4.0 . gonna update it to 4.1 in an hour
will let you know the outcome 😉


UPDATE :  so far so smooth , didn’t effect any performance on my iphone


Geohot is back from retirement

9 10 2010

the iPhone hacking legend cameback for some more action , hes releasing Limera1n on 10/10/10 on all current iDevices , great news People !
his l1me rain website is even back online , http://www.limera1n.com
Will fill ya in when its released

also click on the image , will show you a lil surprise 😉

My Photoshop designs & Wallpapers

8 09 2010

Well … Title says it all i guess here they are

iPhone wallpapers :

Netbook Wallpapers :

Wii Emulator : Dolphin wii emulator , Experience Wii in Full HD

5 09 2010

Hey there Folks , got something juicy for ya . The most Advanced ( and only ) Wii Emulator : Dolphin wii emulator , if you have a Nice Pc with atleast a Core 2 duo Processor Clocked @ 3.2ghz with a decent Graphics card , you’ll run it like a Dream . it enables you to use the wii remote , some of you will say ” Wii Remote ? How the hell ! ?” its easy , all you ever need is bluetooth , a IR emitter or a Wii wireless sensor bar , or if you have none of these , TWO SETS OF CANDLES !
and ofcourse a Dump of your own wii images.
This Way , you’ll experience Wii games as you will on a Wii , OR even Better ! . Enough talkin , a Pic is worth a thousand Words , so heres 2 of them to show you what i mean.

Heres a pic showing a native Resolution .

Now here’s a pic to show it in Full HD

Snow leopard 10.6.2 on Msi wind u100

6 08 2010

working flawlessly gonna update to 10.6.4 tonight , which ALSO will be Flawless offcourse . Stay tuned i got a an other Out Of the box hackintosh install , but this time its Vanilla Install meanning no Kernel hacking been done to the Operating system. heres a pic “”About this mac””

UPDATE :  Uninstalled Os X from my netbook ! i did something stupid , caused to many kernel panics , even though it was flawless on my desktop , i uninstalled it , i needed Programs only available for windows , i depend on windows Too much . Mainly Gaming which i can’t live without it.

Medal of Honor Pc Beta : GAMEPLAY!

1 07 2010

Medal of Honor : Beta !

1 07 2010

WoW i love beta’s , Specially with these games The GAME that almost everyone is waiting for 😀 . heres the invitation message