What i’m doing this month

22 08 2010

This month , Ramadan . i wake up everyday at 3pm , bit of TV till 5pm .  after that ,i enjoy Playing this : Yakuza 3i play Yakuza 3 Till 6pm .

after that , just wash up  .

At 6:20pm , i go out to the table for Fatoor , spend some time with the family , chat an catch up a little bit till 9pm . Then have Maitain my Gaming Pc , it needs care and daily dust cleanning ( thats what you get for living in Kuwait).

Cleaning it doesn’t take long , just about an hour , after that , watch some movies i have , Or play GTA IV online . Go to The Dewanya , Play some cards an do Almost Everything . 2.am im back home , Play Ps3 for few hours , Maintain my Desktop For its daily need . An Also don’t forget my backup FTP computer a Mac mini G4 1.25ghz.

Side note : Gonna be more active lately




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